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An independent exclusive sneaker shop established in 2017 in Amsterdam the Netherlands.
As true sneaker addicts, we are always on top of the newest exclusive drops. Our aim is to share our love for sneakers with you our customers.

About Ferano Sharman, founder of True Sneakerz.
As a kid I was always into sneakers and way before the sneaker hype spread out to today’s mainstream audience, I already owned a serious collection.

My passion for sneakers spread over to my friends and family and at a young age I was the “shoe fixer” and “sneaker guru” for my buddies. I could dream every detail of all these special pairs, in my eyes pieces of art, that everybody wanted and which now almost all have converted into real classics. To get these sometimes exotic pairs I spend all my free time checking out shops and surfing the internet in search of that impossible bargain. As I was selling and buying more and more sneakers my room at my dad’s house piled up with boxes stacked from floor to ceiling, leaving just a small space for my bed.

It is from my bedroom in my dad’s house in Amsterdam that the Truesneakerz business concept emerged.

Most of the weekends and evenings were spent driving around delivering sneakers across the country, spending my profits on fuel to get to clients.

Nowadays we have a nice office in Amsterdam and I’m proud to be with a great team of sneaker heads that share my passion and vision that enable us to serve clients all over Europe and sometimes even beyond.

My philosophy is simple, we treat our customers like I treat my sneaker collection, with love and respect.

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